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This Game was created in 2021 in the timeframe of 8 weeks by students of Games Academy.

Small Game description

The Adventure of the Slime in Shining Armor is a rogue-like Game featuring not only Combat but also many puzzle Aspects

By defeating or using enemies, the player can solve puzzles, gain access to new rooms, and obtain multiple collectibles to open the door to the next level. 


The Village is called Brightwood and houses an Adventurers Guild. Therefore many Adventurers live there to earn their Coin.

A nearby Dungeon needs to be kept in check and therefore the Guild gives out rewards to clear it. However, the Dungeon always changes and never stays the same.

This is still a Mystery and maybe somewhere deep inside the Dungeon lays the answer.  


Genre: Dungeon Crawler, Rogue-Like,

Players: Single-player

Platform: PC  

Controls: Keyboard/Mouse 

Targetgroup: 12+ 

Artstyle: Pixelart

Setting: Medieval, Fantasy

Camera: Top Down 

Engine: Unity 2021.1.1f1, 2D


The Questionables

William Kieburg Game Designer, Programmer

 Tim Seligmann Programmer, Game Designer, Sound Designer, Artist, Animator

Joel Tippelt  Artist,  Animator

Hendrik Schrewe Artist

Sander de Ree Game Designer, Level Designer


TheAdventureOfASlimeInShiningArmor.zip 26 MB
READ_ME.pdf 35 kB
Presse Kit.pdf 5 MB
Art_Bible.pdf 1.6 MB

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