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Escape an ancient temple protected by ghosts!

Temple Tales is a 3rd Person dungeon crawler in a Mayan temple setting. The game is a hamage to the classic Pac Man and includes its basic machanics (escape from ghosts, collect points). 
The goal of the game is to escape from an ancient temple labyrinth and achieve the highest possible score.
Inside are ghosts of deceased souls who huard the temple and its treasure.

Find hidden rooms, glorious treasures and escape the enemies.

A Cat and mouse game in a complex labyrinth with a limited field of vision creates an exciting and thrilling experience.

Key Facts

Artstyle - Low Poly

Theme - Exploration of Temples

Perspective - Third Person

Genre - Dungeon Crawler

Playernumber - Single Player

Game Engine - Unity

Plattform - PC/Windows


Dennis Richey          Emily Liebo            Filip Andrzejewski           Kim-C. Koerner         Leonie Strasser          Tarik Yumak          Tim Jahnke         Hector Jotta    Huberth Laurent


Curse Breaker_Build.zip 155 MB

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