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TEMIA is a student project that was developed with the Unity Engine at the Games Academy Berlin within 9 weeks by a 8-person team called Little.BIG. We are looking forward to the feedback and hope that we have managed to combine the excitement of an arena shooter with the beautiful art nouveau style!

As a goddess, save the life core of the forest in a circular arena and protect it from approaching enemies!

Your health is small:

So use your reflexes and calculations to strategically kill enemies with your magic, collect points and beat your high score.

Genre Arena             Shooter

Perspective               3rd Person

Engine                      Unity (Mouse/Keyboard and Gamepad)

Plattform                   PC

ArtStyle                    3D/ Stylized


(Micheal Hug Sound Designer (extern)

Kay Hennig:             Animation, Character, Sound Asset Implementation, Animation Attacks

Tim Theeßen:         Game Design

Florian Weiss:        UI, Effects, Sound, Settings

Mona Fuchs:             Concept Character and Props (2D), Character (3D), (3D) Props, Texturing Environment, Alphas

Elisabeth Kaske:   Concept Environment, Environment (3D), Animation Character, Dokumentation,Allgemeine Planung, (Teamlead)

Hannah Goral:        Concept (2D) Creature, Creature (3D), Animation Creature, Alphas

Isabel Verheyen:   Assets & Concepts, Enviroment & UI (2D)

(René Rittman:      Character Aufteilung/ Creature (3D))

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AuthorGames Academy
Tags3D, arena, artgame, Dark, gamesacademy, pc, Singleplayer, Third-Person Shooter


LittleBIG_TEMIA_Built_EK_20210731.zip 688 MB
LittleBIG_TEMIA_Artbible_EK_20210731.pdf 38 MB

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