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Version 1.01


The whole team of CHICHI wants to thank you for firing up our first game Space 'n Vaders. It is s a semester project produced by 7 students from the Games Academy in 28 days.



The premise is simple, you become ChiChi the flying squirrel and pilot a deadly space ship ("The Wasp") to fight the bad guys. Good luck!



Menu controls

Use your mouse to navigate within the menus (the selcted item will be highlighted when hovering the mouse cursor above it).  

A left klick on the mouse confirms your selection.

During gameplay hitting the ESC button opens the pause menu. 

Game controls (ship controls)

↑ Up 

← Left

→ Right

↓ Down

SPACE Missile


Weapon System


Unlimited and shoots automatically (Yes, autofire by default ;-)!).


Highly destructive and therefore limited with the remaining number of missiles indicated on the GUI's top right (3 missiles are replenished at the start of each round).


Player Life System

Always remember that ChiChi and his ship are an inseparable team!

Your ship can take two hits without getting destroyed, take a third one and loose a life.

Your ship's damage level is indicated on its body and wings by different textures and colors, changing from green over yellow to red (simply speaking it's a traffic light on your ship ;-)). 

Analogue to the ship's damage level also ChiChi's health is diminishing by each hit indicated by his face at the center of the bottom GUI (anybody remembering Doom® from ID Software ;-)?).

ChiChi's tail icon on the GUI's top left is showing how many lives/ships are left for your potential playthrough. You loose one tail when your ship explodes after taking three hits. 

You can regain one life with each 10k points reached.  


Score System 

Your High-score is shown at the center of the top GUI

Regular enemy ("The Virus") 400pts

Mine 0pts (your reward is staying alive)

Mothership 5000pts



Don't worry if your computer is 10 years old!


☐ Off

✓ On (default)

Graphics Low quality

Medium quality

High quality (default)

You can choose from a wide variaty of screen resolutions (default 1920 x 1080)



You have to destroy ALL enemies before warping to the next stage!

Try to dodge enemy fire, otherwise you will die fast!

Take advantage of the enemies' formations and destroy them in a row!

Use your missiles wisely and try to hit an enemy cluster in order to send a bunch of them to hell at once!

Shoot the deadly enemy mines in the last level before they can reach you!

Good luck!



  • Andreas Off - Producer, Game & Sound Design, Idea Mascot
  • Dariush Sanaye - Artist, 3D Enemy Ships, Model Textures, Game Logo
  • Jan Neidigk - Artist, 2D & 3D Concept Art, Illustrations, Layout
  • Jul Ralf - Artist, 3D Player Ship, Videos, UI, Team Logo
  • Kevin Franke - Artist, 3D Objects, Game Design
  • Paul Werzinger - Game Design, Gameplay Programming, VFX
  • William Kieburg - Lead Programmer, Game Design


20210212_Team_CHICHI_Space_n_Vaders_Gold_Master_Build.zip 273 MB

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