A downloadable game for Windows

This Game was created in 2019 in the timeframe of 8 weeks by students of Games Academy.

Accompany SMOL on his journey through this gigantic world. 
Pave the way in this 3D platformer with puzzle elements in third person perspective.
Use the power of sound and eliminate the corruption of the forest. 
Experience a great adventure from the viewpoint of an insect sized character. Free the big tree.

Best Experience with Gamepad.

Controls for Keyboard:

Move: WASD, Camera: Mouse, 
ObjectPickUp: F, Throw: E, Drop: F,
RedSong: 1, YellowSong: 2

SMOL by BigTeamStudios

Artists: Adam WankowskiDennis BuchholzCelina EichlerSebastian Wisnia

Programmer: Justin Ptak

GameDesigner: Lara Rogonja

Producer: Daniel Zummach

External Members:

Composer: Lukas Piel

Prog. Mentor: Oliver Morkisch


Build.rar 150 MB

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