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Biomaton Entertainment

Biomaton Entertaiment is a small international team of 5 students at the Games Academy Berlin, which has been working on the already released mobile game "Robot Defense - Shoot Em Up" for two semesters.

Robot Defense – Shoot Em Up

The game is a top-down, action-based defense game, where players can control a battle train, equipped with one of several weapons, to hold incoming waves of robots at bay. The continual upgrading of weapons and use of special abilities, ensures that players have the edge against their robot enemies in this casual Android game.

There are several boss levels that offer a special challenge. By defeating the bosses, new weapons are unlocked. From the flamethrower to the railgun to the Grenade Launcher, everything is there!

Within a level, players can use up to three special abilities by clicking the respective buttons. Abilities have a cooldown and might have an active duration. There is a variety of special abilities, but most can be put into the categories damage, utility, and defense. Each ability feels unique and entice different strategies and forms of play.

It's worth checking out the game every day, because there are new gifts and tasks every day, which always offer new challenges!



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