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You're a flying fox puppy and find yourself lost in an attic all alone, scared and crying for your mum. But you hear her in the far at the window. Go find your way through the dark and creepy attics to reunite with your mum at the end of each level. But beware, dangers could wait after every corner. It's pitch black up there and you hear the purring nearby...but you gotta be strong now, little one. Make your way through the darkness and get to your mum save and sound. Good luck to you. 

 You got this!


"Purr in the dark" is a 3D first person indie stealth game in which the player has to navigate thoughtfully as a flying fox baby, being aware of their surroundings without being detected by the cats residing on the attics. However, this is not an easy task due to the limited vision. To visualize the environment and the enemies, the player is assited with an echolocation system to determine the direction and distance of objects and threads surrounding it.

The Game was developed by Rubix Interactive, 6 students from the Games Academy Berlin and one external sound designer, within 41 days.


  • Echolocation: Emit your echo scream to make your surroundings visable for a brief moment, so you can find the safest way through the attic.
  • Dangerous cats: Cats are lurking all around the attic and will catch and eat you if you are not smarter than them.
  • Hidden Objects: Open your eyes! The game developers hid themselves inside the levels. Find them and add them to your collection!


Movement: Echolocation (while you're standing still):


Engine:  Unity 2020.3.2f1
Platform: Windows
Target Group: Casual Stealth Gamers
Modus: Single-Player
Artstyle: 3D Stylized
Genre: Stealth
Setting:  Not so alone in a dark attic
USP: Orientation via echolocation


Vincent Wapsa: LinkedIn | Artstation Environment Art, Props, Character Art, Animation, VFX 

Kim-C. Körner: LinkedIn | Artstation Environment Art, Props, Animation 

Jan Neidigk: LinkedIn | Artstation 2D Art, UI, Environment Art, Props

Felix Lenz: LinkedIn | Website Programming 

Tim Jahnke: LinkedIn Game Design, Level Design

Leonie Straßer: LinkedIn | Website Game Design, Level Design, Lighting, VFX

Héctor Jotta: Music, SFX


PurrInTheDark_Build_FL_20210801.zip 553 MB
PurrInTheDark_Poster_FL_20210801.pdf 2.4 MB
RubixInteractive_PurrInTheDark_ArtBible_FL_20210801.pdf 1 MB

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