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Nomads Island

This Game was created in 2022 in the timeframe of 8 weeks by students of Games Academy.


Nomads Island is a third-person 3D puzzle platformer. The player plays as a nomad of the air who is shot down with her plane on one of her forays through a landscape of floating islands. She crashes on an island that is a repository of an ancient artifact called an "Island Drive". In order to escape from the island, the player must find all four parts of this drive, completing a series of puzzles and platforming passages. If you succeed, part of the island breaks off and becomes a new "Battle Platform" with the help of the newly found drive. On this, our nomad makes her way to new adventures.

Setting & Narrative

The world of Nomads Island is based on the same setting as the game "Project Nomads" released in 2002. On an unnamed world, an unspecified time ago, a cataclysm destroyed almost the entire planet. The few survivors are nomads who fly in airplanes and other machines through the empty space between the various islands.

The Builders are a race of mages thought to be extinct by many. They created the "artifacts", machines and tools that possess powerful properties. One of the builders has been trapped on the island for a long time. They form an alliance with the normads to flee the island together. From now on the Builder works as narrator and quest giver.

The setting is strongly influenced by the Dieselpunk style. Massive machines spewing out thick clouds of smoke form the basis of the technology used on the island. Steampunk is also used: pipes and gears, as well as bronze and glass apparatus appear. Stone ruins reminiscent of ancient Greece give the whole a sense of age and interesting history.


Copycats Interactive

Aline Drobek               Level Design, Game Design

Jul Ralf                             Environment Art

Jan Neidigk                    Character Art

Clemens Spitzer          Programming

Konrad Entner             Game Design, Project Lead


GA_CopycatsInteractive_NomadsIsland_Build.zip 470 MB
GA_CopycatsInteractive_NomadsIsland_Build.z01 1,000 MB
GA_CopycatsInteractive_NomadsIsland_Build.z02 1,000 MB
GA_CopycatsInteractive_NomadsIsland_Build.z03 1,000 MB

Install instructions

 Copy these files into an empty folder.




+ Copy these file into the same folder and unzip them.


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