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This Game was created in 2018 in the timeframe of 8 weeks by students of Games Academy.


A narrative-driven single player adventure set in a nebulous, unknown land. Uncover the story of Nola, as she climbs a mysterious tower, solves puzzles and combats shadows in quest of self-awareness and overcoming a deep-rooted depression.

The team had a clear mission: to create a game about true empowerment. Unlike many titles on the market, we didn't want to achieve this goal by creating yet another power fantasy in which the player slaughters through bulks of cannon-fodder enemies. Instead, we wanted to strictly focus on storytelling, introduce illustration as a narrative device and reduce gameplay to the essential in order to set the stage for a tale about a young woman facing her own demons.

Focus On Storytelling

Nola comes from a sheltered, caring family whose harmonic life has been turned upside down by a series of misfortunes. Throughout the game, players learn more about the events lead to Nola becoming a depressed, psychotic young woman. The whole experience is built around her story, which means that the center of attention always lies on the main character and all gameplay mechanics are designed in service of the story.


Oliver Leins: Production

Niklas Nebelsieck: Art

Justin Lavendel: Art

Nils Hausfeld: Programming

Silvia Schnitzer: Art

Peter Renekwitz


Nola_Setup.exe 300 MB


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