A downloadable game for Windows

This Game was created in 2016 in the timeframe of 8 weeks by students of Games Academy.


An evil cult of hunters captured your cub and dragged it to Brasov – their village. Save your cub and take vengeance. Get the experience of being hunter and hunted at the same time. Nocturnal Hunt – a dark first person stealth game for PC with Mouse/Keyboard and Controller support made with Unreal 4.


Greenlit after 11 days and reaching the Top 10 during the process.  Thank you guys. Without you this wouldn’t have been possible. These have been very exciting days for us!




hunt_Build.zip 426 MB
hunt_Build.z01 1,000 MB

Install instructions

1. Copy:  hunt_Build.z01   in an empty folder

2. Then unzip hunt_Build.zip   in the same folder   

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