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This Game was created in 2022 in the timeframe of 8 weeks by students of Games Academy.

Crete, 1500 BC:

Life is not easy for Ariadne, princess of Crete and daughter of king Minos:

Countless admirers try to win her favour every day. 

In an attempt to find some peace and quiet Ariadne spontaneously moves in with her half-brother – the legendary Minotaur.

The rather quiet, gentle giant who spends his days in the labyrinth build to contain him is more than happy to welcome her and enjoys her company immensely! In return for the stories his half-sister reads to him he scares away all the pesky admirers that still make their way into the labyrinth and gathers food for the both of them.  


Play the fabled Monster of the labyrinth and protect your home from intruders! Because family sticks together!

We hope you enjoy the game and are happy to hear your feedback!

Your Amazing Olympians Entertainment


GoldMasterBuild.zip 206 MB

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