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This Game was created in 2017 in the timeframe of 8 weeks by students of Games Academy.

Last Lights is a 2.5D sidescroller agility game in a melancholically beautiful destroyed world in which you are the last firefly and thus also the last hope. What happens when you get to the core of the destruction? Can you save the world?

Almost all adult fireflies are gone, only the babies remain. When the babies hatch, they are scared and hide all over the world. Now it's up to you, the last big firefly, brave enough to collect and save them all. The Player gradually discovers how broken the world is and has to find out how that happened.


● Controler (left Stick + A)

● Keyboard (WASD/Arrowkeys + 1 )


Level Art / Game Design: Samir Riecke

3d Art / Narrative Design: Käthe Keller

Animations Design: Kim Nebelsieck

Programming: Jan-Dirk Verbeek

Production: Benjamin Vehling

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorGames Academy
Tags3D, Atmospheric, gamesacademy, pc, Side Scroller, Singleplayer


Build.rar 75 MB

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