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About the Game

"Where there is power, there is confrontation." In a world full of magic, power is everything. Therefore the most capable and influential magic and artifacts are hidden deep inside of the forbidden dungeons.

Slip into the clothes of a female scholar to uncover the secrets of the Forbidden Library. With the stolen magical artifact in your hands you find yourself in a dire situation. Fight against the will of the library and get out of there - if possible alive.

  • Find your way out Explore the library and defeat every enemy to get access to the next room. Be careful - some enemies may respawn or another enemy wave may start after you cleared the room. Every run can be different!

  • Strategy Use the level layout to your advantage! Find new spells and try to use them wisely - ammunition isn't endless. Although there might be some ammo pickups on your way if you like a specific spell more than the others.

About the development Team

We are part of the Games Academy GmbH, Berlin. As students we have around 5-6 weeks to develop a game. Although it's our first semester we tried our best to develop a short, but fun game. Team members

VFX - Filip Enache 

Art - Darlene Schulz 

Art - Niklas Damovsky 

Art, Game Design - Nils Rüger 

Art, Game Design - Nico Leopold

Contributors/External team members

Programming - Felix Lenz 

Programming - Sebastian Gsänger 

Programming - James Ferreira 

Production - Daniel Zummach 

Soundtrack Composer - Lukas Piel      Lukas Piel Website


ForbiddenLibrary_BuildVersion_1.01_070222.zip 209 MB

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