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Escapestudios: FadeOut

FadeOut is a  VR horror game using the mechanics of an escape room for the oculus quest 2. You overdosed in your house and passed out.  

Within the game you will wake up  in a creepy appartment, desoriented and lost. Riddles will guide you out of this bad trip. 

EscapeStudios Team:

Daniel Stiber (Team Lead/Producer, Programmer)

Marcel Pospiech (Programming Lead)

Ann Schomburg (Design Lead, Riddle Designer)

Mert Yonkuc (Game Designer, Documentation)

Tobias Pastrik (Art Lead, 3D Artist)

Emily Liebo (Game Artist, 3D Artist)


FadeOut.zip 823 MB
Handbook.pdf 436 kB

Install instructions

To install FadeOut, follow these simple steps. If you experience trouble during installation, please contact the Technical Support section of EscapeStudios. 

1. Check if the Oculus software (or other software, if required) on your PC and on your VR system is up to date.

 2. Start your VR headset. 

3. Activate the Developer mode via settings on your VR console.

 4. Connect your VR headset with your PC/Laptop via usb cable that came with the console (plug the cable preferably in the usb 3.0 port).

 5. Enable Oculus Link (or other windows on other systems), when the window shows up on the VR headset. Uninstalling/Reinstalling 

1. Start your VR system. 

2. Go to your Applications. 

3. Enable that Unknown Source-Applications are visible. 

4. Click on the 3 dots. 

5. Uninstall. Main Menu 

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