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Dive into an unknown fantasy world, inhabited by humanized Drinks. Yes, you heard right, Drinks! Recruit brave heroes from different factions and fight off hordes of monsters in a turn-based card battle. Are you going to become the next Drink Hero?

Brave Heroes

Starting out with 4, there are more than 20 unique heroes waiting for you, hero. These belong to the five factions, that span the world:

  • Soft Drink Inc.

  • Juice Commune

  • Nobility

  • Tavern Folk

  • Vanilla Village

Each nation has their own flair and different combat abilities in their respective card decks.

Gacha (Lottery) System

New heroes are recruited via Gacha system. Furthermore, upgrade items can be obtained through the Gacha, that will make your cards of heroes even stronger!

Card Battles

Fight monsters with your team of heroes in round-based card battles. Each hero has his own set of 5 cards, which will make up your deck. Battle through endless waves of monsters and try to get as far as possible. Try out different combinations of heroes and max out their cards to create a powerful team, that can take on any threat.


Drink Hero is developed by Men of Culture Studios, a student team consisting of the following members:

  • Nicolas Gail                         Production | LinkedIn
  • Markus Dullnig                 Programming, Network | LinkedIn
  • Steve Voigt                          Technical Design | LinkedIn
  • Calixtus Ulbricht             Art Director, Character & Background Art
  • Duc Hoang                          UI Art, Character Art | LinkedIn
  • Domi Tichonow               Character Art | LinkedIn
  • Pascal Kruse                      Character & Background Art | LinkedIn
  • Erik Wörle                          Technical Production
  • Leeloo Konopka               Character Art
  • Vivien Gruber                   Character Art
  • Michelle Bronnbauer   Character Art
  • Andreas Böhm                  Animations & Trailer | LinkedInArtStation

External Help:

  • Travis Savoie                 Gameplay Music
  • Kijugo                                Menu Music
  • DJ A.H.                             Trailer Music
  • Ton & Spot                      Music & SFX

External Help (VFX):

  • Cartoon FX Remaster Bundle
  • Hun Yong Ha's Personal 2dfx works


Drink Hero Windows 264 MB
Drink Hero Android 275 MB


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