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This Game was created in 2023 in a timeframe of 8 Weeks by students of Games Academy.

About the Game

Electrify them, burn them, impale them and shoot them - demons must be fought no matter how you do it in this dark fantasy action strategy game by Elevenexus.

As a powerful demon hunter with deadly crossbows, tower and traps at hand, defend the Nexus against a rampaging herd of demonic foes consisting of Minions and the powerful demon Nox. Fight your opponents with skillful aiming and agile movements and climb up the leaderboard list to be the best demon hunter.

Will you pierce the demons in a spike trap, trap them with a bear trap or freeze them with an ice tower and finish them off with crossbows? No matter which weapons, towers and traps you choose, it will be demon crushing fun!


In Deathstring - Nightfall the player becomes a fearless demon hunter, with the task of freeing the once magnificent estate from demon hordes.

Using the power of the Nexus and its defense mechanisms, the environment will be explored to get the mystical artifacts from the clutches of the demons and undead.

Main Features

  • 13 Rooms to Explore - Winding passages, long hallways and treasure chambers require a demon hunter to explore and protect.
  • 2 Crossbow Attacks - Devastating Projectile Bolts - From the magic crossbow bolt to the powerful super shot.
  • 3 Deadly Traps and 3 Towers - Choose from a wide variety of traps including spike traps, whirling blades and bone breaking bear traps or build elemental towers to burn, electrify or freeze demons.
  • 2 Enemies - A large number of demon minions will give them a hard time. Prepare for the fearsome demon Nox, who won't make defending the Nexus easy for you.
  • Dynamic Day-Night Cycle - Use the day phase to build up your defenses and discover the mysterious artifacts that are waiting for you hidden deep in the estate. Don't take too much time, because as night falls, the demons will appear from their portals and quickly come at your heels.
  • Random Card Drop - Some enemies leave behind cards after they are defeated, which you can use to place your defenses or to give the Demon Hunter new buffs, such as higher shooting rate or stronger damage.
  • Card Upgrades - If you're lucky, enemies will leave behind an upgrade card that can be used to take your towers to the next level.
  • Scoring System and Leaderboard - Compete with your friends for the title of best Demon Hunter!

About the Development Team

Art Department

Nico Leopold - Art Lead, Environment, Lighting, UI
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Marcel Röhringer - Environment, Props
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Nils Rüger - Character : Concept, Modeling, Rigging, Animation 
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Pete Kaag - Enemy : Modeling, Rigging, Animation
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Lea Röchert - Enemy : Concept, Modeling, Rigging, Animation

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Filip Enachemija - VFX, Tech Art
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Programming Department

Tony Meis - Programming Lead, Backend, Gameplay, Unit Behaviour

Markus Dullnig - Online Services, Highscore, Day-Night Cycle
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Marcel Pospiech - Character, Animations

Giuseppe Napoli - Building System, Tower, Traps

Game Design

Paul Schatz - System- and Level Design, Sound Design, Documentation


Marcel Pospiech - Project Lead, Risk Management

Giuseppe Napoli - Project Management, Documentation

External Team Members

Kevin Hinze - Art, Traps Rigging and Animation
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Lukas Piel - Music


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