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Chronicles is a 2D-adventure game with survival aspects, featuring pixel-art in the classic 3/4-perspective. The player takes control of a young cartographer, who got lost on his first expedition and is trying to find his way back home. Stranded in a strange land, he must cooperate with odd, stone-clothing wearing villagers and learn to survive on his own by crafting tools and hunting wildlife.


Genre: Adventure / Survival 

Engine: Unity 

Players: Single Player 

Controls: Keyboard 

Platform: PC

Press F1 to open the controls screen in-game.

You can take screenshots by pressing F12.

Team Puntheon

Game Design: Christos Doukas 

Level Design / Narrative Design: Alina Quentmeier 

Programming: Enrico Ludwig 

Character Art / GUI: Luna Tiefensee 

Creature Art / GUI: Carolin Mallwitz 

Environment Art: Bao Chau Nguyen 

Production / Audio: Tom Achsel


Chronicles is a student project we created in our second semester at Games Academy, Berlin. The uploaded game is the goldmaster version, as shown for our final presentation. The scope is that of a demo or extended prototype.

Please note that we're no longer actively working on this project.


Included in the .zip folder is the custom-built editor we used during development. With this tool we were able to make balancing and other changes even to an already existing build of the game.

Functions include:

  • creation and editing of character sheets
  • creation and editing of in-game items and crafting recipes
  • creation of linear dialogue-trees and journal entries
  • balancing of various in-game variables


Chronicles_Itch_Release.zip 67 MB

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