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Enter the magical world of Arcania University, where your journey as a new witch student is about to start. Here, a varity of minigames await your arival. Test your skills against your friends and soon, you'll be the best witch around!


  • Start your multiplayer party session with 3 other friends - local or online!
  • Test your magical skills in 3 different minigames
  • Master the mystical arts and compete against your friends.


Bewitching whisks you away to Arcania, a prestigious magical university nestled in beween magic and fanasies. Here, aspiring witches test their fate and hone their craft, striving for mastery like no other. Amidst the glittering tradition, the annual Hexams stand as the ultimate test – a challenge that separates the stars from the supernovas. Now it's your turn - do you strive to become the best... witch you can be?



- Jelena Potthoff(Time and Task Management)

Digital Art:

- Beniel Brauner (Character and Tech Art)
- Susen Thonig(Concept and Texture Art)
- Adina Klein (Environment and Tech Art)
- Benno Hobrecht (Environment and Prop Art)


- Keanu Carlo (Network and Game Structure Programming)
- Nils Henningsen (Network and Minigame Programming)
- Silja Weßels (Minigame and Game Structure Programming)


- Yannick Jur (Minigame Design and Testing)


- Markus Dullnig (Minigame Programmer)
- Kevin Hinze (Rigging Animation & Video Editing)
- Michael Hug (Sound Design)


Bewitching_Game 136 MB

Install instructions

  • Download the Game
  • Unzip the foulder
  • Start the .exe
  • Have fun!

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